We are Japanese, think positively, think positively.

Some of what is being reported in the foreign media, such as that Japan is “sinking,” is a little unfortunate.  Of course negative content is much more attention grabbing than learning the truth, however since we don’t know when or where the same type of event might occur, we want there to be calm and level-headed coverage.  While foreign countries are ordering their citizens to return to their home countries, it drowns out the serious messages of support that groups and individuals from foreign countries have sent to Japan.  We want the media to refrain from broadcasting disturbing content.  

Criticism of the Japanese government and TEPCO’s extremely slow response regarding the nuclear power plant situation is inevitable.  Despite the fact that this a high-alert situation, the actions of the costly nuclear power plant that we’ve come to care so much about are probably a corporate mind created by a consumer society.  There is no use in criticizing this right now and we want things to be done above what can be done.  It is with this shared feeling that the intense rescue efforts are continuing to prevent the worst case from occurring.

In economic growth, countries facing large populations have been given the challenge of dealing with possible future energy and power supply shortages.   Although a major economic power, the course that resource poor Japan has followed in the past is a risk.  It is said that the risks can be avoided, however these are things that happen.  Though it’s not my intention to talk about environmental problems, saving energy is essential.  

Roads, ports and airports in the disaster area have slowly reopened and shipments to these areas are gradually improving.  Items have not yet reached many evacuation centers, and we can only pray that necessary fuel, medical supplies and food will be delivered as soon possible.   Since the day before yesterday, 
the disaster areas have been hit with cold weather and more extremely cold days will continue.  However, we are encouraged by the victims who are repeating “Think positively.  Think positively.” in their TV interviews.  No matter the challenge, the heart of the Japanese people is something of which we are extremely proud.  We are Japanese, think positively, think positively.


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