LA’s food trucks – gourmet meals on wheels

During a recent trip to Los Angeles, I came upon some of LA’s food trucks, a big trend and fairly popular in recent years.  Unlike your typical hot dog stand or ice cream truck, these food trucks are high-end, hip and clean, and they offer menu items you would expect to find in a restaurant.  New trucks pop up almost daily and offer everything from Japanese beef sliders to Korean BBQ tacos and gourmet cupcakes to Vietnamese sandwiches (just to name a few).

Where can you find one?  They usually park on streets around LA during the lunch, dinner and late night hours.  In order to find out where they will be and when and if there’s a line, all you have to do is follow them—on Twitter.

Although a lot of other countries sell street food, these food trucks are a step above with their gourmet meals and snacks and their use of the latest in social media and technology.  By mainly using Twitter to market their businesses, these food trucks often have long lines even at 10pm on a weeknight as well as hundreds or sometimes thousands of fans or followers who will drive all over town to find them.

Who knows how long the craze will last, but to someone who’s lived abroad for several years, it seems that America’s taste for new, creative, gourmet food has come a long way.  Japan has only recently discovered Twitter so I was amazed to see just how businesses are using Twitter to market themselves and how consumers have made Twitter a part of their daily lives.

Check out some photos of LA food trucks on the Travel Channel website and see how Kogi BBQ uses Twitter to update fans.


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